Pietracciaio Beach

In the locality of Marina di Campagna in the municipality of Pisciotta we find this pebble beach with the characteristic presence of volcanic rocks, limpidissima water rarely used to spend beautiful moments of relaxation

Roes / Palinuro

Long coastline with sandy beach is only 15 minutes from our hotel. Offers both stretches of free beach and areas with paid beaches.

The Bay of Buondormire

It is located in Palinuro and is one of the most characteristic Cilento beaches. To reach it you can take advantage of the comfortable shuttles that leave from the port of Palinuro. Thanks to its happy position very protected from the open sea, the bay is ideal for children and for those who practice snorkeling since its waters are almost always calm.The sun sets behind the bay so the hours of light are limited .

Cala Bianca beach

And the most beautiful in Italy and queen of summer 2013 according to the Legambiente ranking. Its name derives from the dazzling white of the pebbles that form the beach. It is one of the most picturesque places on the coast of Camerota and boasts one of the cleanest seas of our Peninsula. You can reach it by boat thanks to a beautiful hike.

Baia degli Infreschi

Cala degli Infreschi is located in the Municipality of Camerota - 4 Sails in "The most beautiful sea, the new Blue Guide 2014" - within the Protected Marine Area of the same name, Costa degli Infreschi and Masseta. with trekking paths immersed in the Mediterranean, it is one of the inlets of particular beauty and extraordinary naturalistic value of the southern Tyrrhenian coast.The Baia Port of the Infreschi presents itself as a natural arched cove, a small beach bordered by rocky cliffs, within which is enclosed a limpid sea of different shades.

The Marinella beach

It is set in a rocky valley. It is one of the least known and most pristine beaches of Cilento. It is a wide sandy beach that you can also reach on foot from Palinuro, through a stairway or a path. It offers a marvelous view on the coast and on the promontory.

The beach of Ascea

It is among the most beautiful and wild of Cilento. It is a long beach of golden sand, bordered by ancient olive trees that combine to create an extraordinary landscape. Nearby is the cliffs of Punta del Telegrafo, full of secluded coves and coves. By sea you can reach Baia d'Argento and Baia della Rondinella.